Michael's Kite Vacancies

Kite station

It is placed in owned area 2800m2 faced with the sea, full of green. It’s the only hotel where their clients are kiters or windsurfers. It’s the one you are looking for, one family hotel with traditional to the sea tourism. At Fanes beach is 100% sand with few little stones at 400 meter long and 80 meters large bay with a lot of trees, to relax in the shadow.In the water there is only sand and the deep remains at 1,2 meters after 100 meter distanse from the coast. On Fanes Beach the Meltemi, a thermal wind, always supports you with the right power in your rig. The wind gets compressed between the island and the Turkish mainland, and regional thermal blasts increasing it to an even stronger degree. Most of the time during summer the Meltemi reaches an average wind speed of 4 to 7 beaufort. At least 4 bft wind speed is as good as guaranteed during summer almost every single day.

MKV Station Live Wind Report

What we can offer!

*Free internet access for our guests at the kite center*

*We also have a professional compressor to pump your kites.*

*Official cabrinha center with only cabrinha kites.*

*At the kite station we provide our hotel guests with free sunbeds, a shower place and toilets. To inflate your kite you're invited to use the stations own air-compressor.*

Shouldn't you be a guest of our hotel but wish to use our facilities, we charge a small service fee of 5 € / person per day.

Kite / surf lessons

Prices for lessons per student
2 hours
1 hour 3 hours 6 hours 9 hours
Kite lessons
in groups of 2-3
100 Euro 140 Euro 250 Euro 340 Euro
Kite lessons
private classes
80 Euro 210 Euro 420 Euro
Surf lessons
in groups of 2-3
100 Euro 140 Euro 250 Euro
Surf lessons
private classes
80 Euro 210 Euro

Equipment storage

Prices for storage for 1 kiter
Kite/surf box * 1 day 3 days 1 week
7 days
2 weeks
14 days
3 weeks
21 days
Hotel guests
15 Euro 40 Euro 80 Euro 140 Euro 190 Euro
Outside customers
20 Euro 60 Euro 100 Euro 170 Euro 230 Euro
  • If second kiter use the same box the price is 50% more
  • A kite box provides space for approximately 2 kiteboards and 3 kites.
  • A surf box provides space for 1 surfboard and 2 sails.
  • Prices for storage include 2 rescues per week per kiter

Please note For outside customers, the rental of a storage box includes one free sunbed and free usage of our facilities for the individual person only.
Our hotel guests are provided with sunbeds free of charge during their entire stay.

Equipment rental

Prices for equipment rental
1 day 2 days 1 week
7 days
2 weeks
14 days
3 weeks
21 days
Kite pool
75 Euro 120 Euro 320 Euro 480 Euro 600 Euro
Surf pool
60 Euro 110 Euro 250 Euro 350 Euro 450 Euro
Wing pool
75 Euro 120 Euro 320 Euro 480 Euro 600 Euro
  • Prices for equipment rental include 2 rescues per week.

Kiteboarding equipment
Kiteboards cm Kites m2
Motox 5
Gonzales 130 Switchblade 6
Switchblade 7
Gonzales 131 FX 8
Ace / Spectrum 134 Motox / Switchblade 9
Shape 136 FX-Motox / Switchblade 10
Gonzales 138 Aether / Switchblade 11
Ace / Gonzales 141 FX-Motox / Switchblade 12
Spectrum / Gonzales 141 Contra 13
Gonzales 142 Motox / Switchblade 14
Spectrum 146 Contra 15
Stylus 155 -165 Contra 17

Wingfoil cabrina equipment
Boards litres Sails m2
Inflatable 153 Mantis 4
Mantis 6