The MKV team


Michael is the head of Michael’s Kite Vacancies. Together with his whole family he has built up and developed the hotel and kite center over the past decades and shaped it into what it is today: A wonderful place to spend your vacation and pursue your favorite sport for a few days or weeks in almost ideal conditions. You meet Michael everywhere and nowhere. A jack of all trades.


Katholiki is the always friendly and helpful good soul at the beach bar, who is happy to serve you an ice-cold drink after a wild ride on the water. In addition, she is taking over more and more of her father’s administrative tasks at Michael’s Kite Vacancies.


Anthonys is the quiet chef. He is responsible for the varied and delicious dinners at Michael’s Kite Vacancies. He is also increasingly taking over more and more tasks from his father Michael to relieve him of the burden of running the family business.


Roland actually lives in Munich. However, Roland has been spending his summers at Michael’s Kite Vacancies for many years now. He and usually 2 other helpers reliably take care of the rescue in case you get “stranded” on the water. His invaluable years of experience in all aspects of kitesurfing are in demand every day on the beach.

Our kite instructors this year


Job offer

We are currently looking for certified kite instructors for the 2024 season and beyond. 
Are you good with people of all ages, are you emphatic and you have passed the kite instructor certification? Do you love kitesurfing and you are not afraid to repair a tube?

Welcome to Michaels Kite Vancies. Please apply at with your profile. We look forward to hearing from you.
You can expect free board and lodging, a great team spirit at MKV as well as a fixed salary and an additional turnover-related salary and excellent wind and water conditions almost every day between May and September.

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